Sunday, June 16, 2013

An examination of fatherhood through songs

Many songs written about mothers seem to be flowery, full of love.  Many, but not all.  Roger Waters' portrait of a mother in "The Wall" wasn't exactly complimentary, but that's more an exception to the rule when it comes to songs about motherhood.

For the most part, songs about mothers tug at the heartstrings in a touching way.

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There are songs about fathers that can do the same thing.  But in many cases, it seems, they take a more complex look at the role of a father in family life.

For one example, there's Harry Chapin's song "Cats In The Cradle."  It tells of a father so busy working to support his family that he misses out on the "little things" in a child's life, and when the years have gone by and he finally takes the time, his son is too busy making his way up in the world.

There's closeness in many songs about fathers, but there's also distance.  There's something about those songs about fathers that runs deeper, with more complexity.

We are -- as fathers -- what we make of being a father.

Happy Father's Day!

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