Monday, July 22, 2013

What it takes to 'Be Alright'

A man becomes abusive in his home, leading his wife to hold a bottle of pills in her hand as she contemplates ending her life.

A family man sits at a table, agonizing over a stack of bills, worrying about how to pay them. A gun sits nearby, and he contemplates ending his life.

How do they make it through the desperation?

Bludgeon Muffin in their "Be Alright" video
These are the storylines involved in a new music video released over the weekend by Salt Lake City-area reggae/rock band Bludgeon Muffin. It's their first "official" music video, shot and edited by Eric Eschelbach. It features Misi Touhuni on vocals, Daniel Arellano on guitar, Nicolas Snarr on electric ukulele, Bruce Kamai on drums, and Michael Bailey on drums.

In the short time since its release Saturday night, it's moved up to No. 36 on the BEAT100 music video charts, where fans get to vote on what they like.

The quality of the video, the music, and the message behind it combine to make quite a statement.