Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some music to remember Easter Sunday by

I have another personal blog out there that's the "older sister" to this music blog.  It was from that blog that the inspiration for this music blog began, by posting music playlists on a daily basis.  It became the most popular part of my personal blog, and those music playlists still get viewed there to this day.

In one of those music playlists, I featured an album from former Genesis singer/flutist/songwriter/keyboardist and major solo star Peter Gabriel.  To be honest, it was an album I'd never listened to before then myself, though I'm a big fan of Gabriel's Genesis and solo work.  The album was the soundtrack "Passion," from the controversial Martin Scorsese film The Last Temptation of Christ.

As with so much of what Gabriel's music has done for me through the years, it was music that reached deep into my soul and touched me in a special wayAs it is with so much of Gabriel's music, it is pure art with Peter being able to paint pictures with words and/or music.

It's music to celebrate with on an Easter Sunday.

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