Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobby Whitlock: The post-Dominos solo years

It would be vastly unfair to say that Bobby Whitlock was just "along for the ride" on the famous coattails of Eric Clapton with the success of Derek and The Dominos and the "Layla" album.

Anyone making that claim hasn't taken a look at the quality of the songwriting and performing found in Whitlock's solo work and his music that's been performed by Ray Charles ("Slip Away"), Tom Jones ("This Time"), George Jones ("He's Not Entitled to your Love"), Sheryl Crow ("Keep on Growin"), and Derek Trucks ("Anyday").

Whitlock released four solo albums in the 1970s -- enlisting the help of people like Eric Clapton, Rick Vito, Duane Allman -- and he garnered strong reviews for his solo efforts.

He is a songwriter's songwriter.  His '70s work showed the same soul-filled flavor as any of the best work he did in the years prior.

No, Bobby Whitlock is not one to ride on anyone's coattails.  His solo work in the '70s was proof of that.

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