Friday, October 12, 2012

Bobby Whitlock: The time is now

Bobby Whitlock's been on quite a ride in his lifetime, both musically and personally.  Through failed relationships, a near-death experience, bankruptcy, trusting the wrong people, making a few bad choices.  And those are just the things he's experienced in his adult life.

His childhood was another story entirely, as his autobiography shows.

It appears that things are looking up for him these days, though.  He's still traveling the world, writing new music and sharing the joy of performing in front of audiences no matter where they might be.  And he has the love of his life, CoCo Carmel, as his partner in everything he does.

He's gone through a spiritual transformation a time or two, which shows in the gospel way that he sings.  He sings from the heart, with soul.  I've enjoyed that sound ever since I started listening to the songs off the "Layla" album years ago.  It's a sound that hasn't lost its impact through the years, at least to my ears.

Bobby doesn't just sing with gusto.  He plays the keyboards with it too.  Just watch him playing in newer videos with Steve Cropper, Eric Clapton, or Paul Schafer.  He hasn't lost his touch, not by a long shot.

In people like Bobby Whitlock, we find a lifetime's worth of musical experiences and memories that bring back good times and hard times as well, joy and pain.  It all comes through in the music, and the way that music is played.

Chances are, people like Bobby Whitlock will keep on playing music until the day they die because it's what they love, and it gives them joy to bring so much joy to their audiences.  It may not always bring them monetary riches, although we think or wish that it could because it's deserved based on their talent, but it at least enriches them and us by having them doing it, and doing it so well.

We'll have to keep our eyes and ears open for Bobby and CoCo's latest album release.  Bobby's seen a lot through a lot of years in the music business, working with a lot of people.  He's happy where he's at now.

For Bobby Whitlock, the time is now.


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