Monday, September 2, 2013

'A friend of a friend of ...': Garth Webber

It was around a year ago that I launched the music blog you're reading right now.  It was intended to give a little exposure to musicians and music both known and unknown, to songs new and old -- songs that have been widely popular and tunes that deserve to be heard by more than they have been.

It was last Labor Day that I posted my first article in this blog, with notes and photos from a local jazz festival.  Now, a year later, I'm in the middle of a series looking at some of the people I've come to know personally, or more likely just gotten to know a bit about through common friendships online.

Garth Webber
The jazz music and the common friendships brings me to Bay Area guitarist Garth Webber.  He's played with the likes of jazz great Miles Davis in his fusion era, along with artists like Gregg Allman and Boz Scass to name a couple more.

These days, when he's not playing and recording himself, he's recording others or teaching some of the secrets of his craft to students who'd like to be "the next big thing" on the guitar scene.

For me, it's watching Garth Webber play with Miles Davis that brings the biggest smile to this jazz fan's face.

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