Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'A friend of a friend of ...': David Freiberg

Now, let's see, where was I before I interrupted myself?  Oh, yeah, talking about the musical friends of friends I've come across on Facebook.  That list has grown since the last time I did anything in this series, but for now I'm sticking with some of the Bay Area talent that helped to put that area on the musical map.

David Freiberg
I'll pick this series back up after a lengthy intermission by putting a spotlight on multi-instrumental talent David Freiberg.

Freiberg was a founding member of a San Francisco area rock music institution, Quicksilver Messenger Service, who went on to play with other Bay Area rock institutions -- Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, and the bands they were an important part of for so long, Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship (that's him on the organ on the timeless "Miracles").

Freiberg's impact on classic rock music can especially be felt when you hear the Jefferson Starship song "Jane" played on the radio.  Freiberg shares writing credit on that one.

Freiberg is still flying on that Jefferson Starship to this day.  It's cool to see Facebook status updates from him that talk about catching a flight from the San Francisco airport to some far-away show, keeping the memories and those classic songs alive.

It's the classics that deserve to be kept alive.

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