Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kickin' Tail and Takin' Names Week: Steve Earle

This is a week for music so powerful, it has a kind of force that can knock you out just thinking about it.  It's relentless.  It can stick with you for a lifetime.

There've been many country music songs and artists who've fit that description, and the lives some of those musicians have led have fit that mold.  Steve Earle fits the mold pretty easily.  He's been married several times, served some time behind bars, and when it comes to being outspoken ... well, Steve Earle isn't one to mince words.  He'll tell you what's on his mind, in great detail.  He believes what he says, says what he believes.

That makes for quite the activist.

Steve Earle's songs reflect that attitude of his.  Whether it's doing someone else's songs, like The Chambers Brothers' powerful "Time Has Come Today," or one of his own (my favorite of his being "Copperhead Road"), it's music that has quite a bite to it.

Kind of like the bite of a copperhead.

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