Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve birthday grooves, simple and complex

It's gonna be a night for partying, no doubt about that.  It's not every day that you usher in a new year.  We're not just talking nationwide here, we're talking a worldwide celebration.

Goodbye 2012!  Hello 2013!

I'm content to bring in the new year in a relatively quiet way -- spent with family members at home eating chips and dip, maybe watching a movie or two, playing some games and listening to some music, tuning in to a rockin' New Year's Eve show on television as it gets closer to the stroke of midnight before giving my lovely wife the first kiss of a new year and hugging the kids.

That's how it'll be this year.  But two of our kids are away from home this time, and our oldest is getting ready for a big life adventure of his own to start his year, living out a dream.  It's going to be a very quiet, very simple New Year's celebration at home for us this year.

But I know exactly where there's going to be one whale of a party today.  I know because I was at one just like it at this same time last year.  It's not your typical New Year's Eve party.  There's a birthday celebration that goes along with it.  It's a birthday celebration for a musician, a "brother" of mine who has a whole lot of good musician friends to play with.  It's filled with good food, good drinks, good friends, family, and plenty of good jamming.

My "brother" is a musician who appreciates a solid groove, whether it's soul or rock or blues or jazz or fusion or something even more progressive.  It can be a groove that's funky, simple or more complex.  But there's one thing that it has to be more than anything else:  the groove has to be SOLID!

My "brother" and I have spent many hours listening to those grooves together, mostly in our younger years.  That's how it was last year at this time too.  While I was being lazy as I tried to kick a nasty cold, he was busy tooling around his house -- setting up microphone stands, mics, cables, guitar stands, guitars, a drum kit, amps, a laptop computer to record it all -- and the music we listened to back in our younger days was playing on the stereo while he was working away.  It was music that brought smiles to our faces, even all these years later.  Just like it used to be.

When his numerous other friends arrived for the party toward late afternoon and the live music started playing, it was good.  It was very good.  It lasted for hours, pretty much non-stop until the clock ticked midnight and 2012 arrived.

It was all about the groove.  It will be that way again this time around, I'm sure.

Happy birthday, "bro!"  Happy New Year, y'all!

Enjoy the grooves!

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