Monday, February 18, 2013

Southern-fried Tuneage: Lynyrd Skynyrd

I do dig that Southern style when it comes to music.  It goes well beyond country, into rock and blues and progressive rock and even jazz fusion.

Like a fine pair of boots, it's got some real kick to it.  It can get my toes to tappin'.

It wasn't that long ago that I happened to tune the radio to a station just in time to hear some Lynyrd Skynyrd in a three-song block.  There's a band that has the South dripping from its veins.  They've gone through fame, hard living, tragedy, and a comeback.  They've had two Van Zants -- Ronnie and his little brother Johnny -- as lead singers.  They've had the layered, dueling guitar sound that's a staple of Southern rock.

They've had some hits.  Oh, yeah, they've definitely had some hits.  It's classic rock, timeless music that will live on for years, even after one of the more tragic incidents in rock music history.


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