Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt together ... what a show!

Out of all the concerts I've had the chance to see in my lifetime, the greatest number of them by far have been shows put on by country music artists.  That's mostly because covering country music concerts at the annual state fair used to be a part of my job, and it got me right up to the stage to see many big names.  One of the greatest, most rocking concerts I've ever had the chance to witness came when Charlie Daniels played a show one night with Travis Tritt.

Between Charlie's Southern rocking style and Travis Tritt's ability to wail away himself, they had those fairgrounds rocking.  In fact, they played so long and so loud together that I had to finally leave just a touch before I wanted to in order to get back to the office with a morning newspaper deadline to try and meet.  As I walked quickly through the fairgrounds, you could hear the music still playing from far away.

Me along with my mother, Betty, and my sister, Lynda Kay.  And my first Charlie Daniels hat.
Charlie's always been a style setter for me.  I started wearing cowboy hats styled like his back in my late high school days.  In fact, I'll let you see it right here.  It's styled just like something Charlie Daniels would wear.  And if you take the time to look at the photo of me that goes along with my profile, you'll see me wearing a brown felt hat.  It was shaped by a true craftsman.  When he asked me how I wanted it styled, I said just two words:  "Charlie Daniels."  That's all it took.  The hat craftsman went right to work.

Individually, Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt have a style all their own.  Together, in that one night when I got to hear them rock at a state fair, they can be pure dynamite.

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