Friday, September 7, 2012

Meet my wife, Amy Kathleen

My wife can sing.  I think she can sing very well.  She's a classically trained soprano, but she can sing in a variety of styles -- country, pop, jazz, gospel, classical.

Amy Kathleen Miller (Photo By John G. Miller)
Yeah, she's my wife so I could be called just a touch biased.  The truth is, when I force myself to listen to her as objectively as possible -- trying to mentally block out the fact that she's my wife -- I'm still impressed by her singing.

The truth is, when Amy goes into her jazzy mood and sings a tune like "Fever," she makes me melt.  She's a rural gal too, loves to ride horses.  That gives her a bit of feeling for country music too.  She can do any kind of music she chooses to do.  She's versatile.

All she needs is the exposure.  Again, that's a part of what this blog is all about:  trying to give musicians with talent the exposure they need and deserve.

As for Amy, I'll let you listen to her yourself with a raw video of her singing Ennio Morricone's "Jill's Theme" from the classic Western film "Once Upon a Time in the West," as performed by the West Valley Symphony of Utah in early June, conducted by Donny Gilbert.


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    1. Thanks Terry!! Coming from a music fan like yourself with good taste, that's a nice compliment.