Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting strong signals from Rush in concert

This week, I think I'll transport myself back in time to some of the more memorable concerts it's been my pleasure to see in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, I'm not one who can afford to go to every single concert he'd like to see.  And having spent most of my life in an area that doesn't get all that many top-name acts (we're talking about southeast Idaho here, folks) in to play a show can be a handicap.

So, when I can, I make some exceptions and treat myself by taking in a live show, and it usually has to be someone who I may not easily get the chance to see again in my lifetime.

For classic rock, my mind goes back to seeing Rush on its tour to support the "Signals" album in 1982, appearing at Holt Arena on the campus of Idaho State University.

My friend Baron and I and another concert-goer or two made quite a day of it.  It turned into quite an evening too.  And when it came to seeing how Rush handled the tune "Red Barchetta," well, I was thoroughly pleased.

I was still young enough to be able to relate to the message they put across in the song and accompanying video for "Subdivisions."  A tune like "New World Man" rocked just fine.

And those were just the songs to promote "Signals."  The older songs ... they were the icing on a sweet cake.  My ears managed to survive.

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